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Just Chit-Chat September 26, 2007

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Isn’t it cool how someone you admire can make your day and not even know it?  Just a comment or compliment, given completely offhand.  They probably don’t even realize how much power their words have.  We should all think about that more often.  Because in all liklihood, we all have someone who looks up to us, and we never know when that kind word might make a huge difference in their day…..or even how they see themselves.  Take a minute today to say something really kind to someone who matters in your life.

Okay….enough mushy stuff.  I’ve got a question for ya.  When does tenacity go over the edge into stubborness?  I’ve always seen myself as a pretty tenacious person.  I don’t like failing, and I don’t like giving up.  (Might as well admit it…..I just don’t like not getting my way.)  I wore someone down on something today, and rightfully so in my own mind.  But after it was over, I began to wonder if my argument was really that strong, or if the other party finally just tired of defending their point of view.  If that’s the case, does that make me “one of those people”?  You know…..the kind who always has to have the last word, never knows when to stop beating a dead horse, and always has to be right?  At what point does an admirable trait like sticking to your guns become an obnoxious one?  And how do we tell the difference?  Really…..I’m asking because I wanna know what you think.

Its day sixteen on the “Angie is becoming a non-smoker” quest.  I’ve been surprised (amazed really) at how easy its been this time around.  But I’m getting a bit worried……..One of my girlfriend’s is turning 50 next week, and we’re taking her out for a night on the town Friday night.  Now, I’ve avoided alcohol pretty much like the plague for the last two weeks, so I’m kinda dreading the whole dinner/drinks/bar scene that’ll be happening, as I know its gonna be a HUGE nicotine trigger for me.  So long about 10:00 Friday night, I’d appreciate a moment of silence, good vibes, white light, and prayers to help me stay strong.  I figure if I can survive this night out on the town, I’m gold!

Now….on to the really important stuff……the new TV season!  OMG!  Heroes is gonna be just as intriguing as last season.  I can’t remember when I’ve ever looked forward to Mondays as much as I do now!  LOL!  And did anyone check out Journeyman afterwards??  I think I’m gonna like that one, too.  I might not have given it a second glance if not for Kevin McKidd, but I loved him in Rome and was looking forward to seeing him in a more up-to-date role.  The concept is great (a modern time-traveler, and how he and his family deal with his “disappearances”), and I’m anxious to see where they go with it from there.  The Grey’s spin-off, Private Practice, started tonight.  Now I was never one of the “Addison Haters”, so I was excited about her getting her own show, but I never expected her to have such great chemistry with Tim Daly!  McDreamy, he’s not…..but he sure fits with her!  I’m anxious to check in with both Grey’s and ER tomorrow night, and I’m already salivating thinking about a new season of Lost in January.  What shows are you anticipating most??


The Almost Empty Nest September 23, 2007

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I’ve finally figured it out……the reason that teenagers are always so busy.  Its to prepare us parents for the dreaded empty nest.  My son will be 18 in a couple of weeks, and while he’s still got to finish up his senior year in high school before he moves on to college, most days I feel like he’s already gone.

Case in point…..today is Sunday, which used to be our family day.  We’d do all sorts of things together on Sunday’s when he was younger.  The pool, cub scout activities, an afternoon at the movies, or sometimes just a day playing board games or working jigsaw puzzles.  Today, his day consisted of an eight hour shift at his job, then practice with his rock band, and now he’ll be texting or talking to his girlfriend until way past my bedtime.  It’s happened……I’m not needed anymore.

Now I always thought I’d be relieved when this day finally came.  I longed for the day when my time was my own again.  When I could spend a leisurely Sunday curled up with a good book and the Sunday paper crossword puzzle.  But now that it’s coming to fruition, I’m beginning to understand the old adage of “Be careful what you wish for”, because now I find myself longing for just one Sunday when he’s free to spend the entire day with me.  Somehow seeing him passing through to change clothes between his other stops just isn’t as satisfying as hearing him tell me, “Go directly to jail.  Do not pass go, do not collect $200.” 

Its not like I don’t have plenty of things to fill my Sundays with……I just never expected a quiet Sunday to be THIS quiet.

Girl’s Day Out September 22, 2007

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What could possibly be more fun that an old-fashioned girl’s day out??  A girl’s day out at a BEAD SHOW!  Yep, that’s right.  I’ve been a bad, BAD girl today.  Three of us loaded up and drove to Murfreesboro today, and we’ve literally shopped til we dropped.  I got a TON of new silver goodies.  (Well, maybe not a ton, but between Ma and I, we bought waaaaay over a kilo!)  All three of us also picked up Kumohimo kits to start braiding some cords for our lampwork focals, as well as a bunch of c-lon thread and a couple of new patterns for making treasure bracelets.  After we’d shopped away half the day, we stopped at Puleo’s Grill for Sangria and appetizers (ever tried fried asparagus?  If not, you should!), and followed those up with the best cake called Chocolate Lasagna.  I was so completely stuffed, I wondered if I’d be able to stay awake for the two hour drive home!  LOL!

 So what is it exactly that makes a day out with the girls so rejuvenating??  I wonder this very thing every time we have a day like today.  It doesn’t seem to matter what we do, where we go, or how many of us there are.  (With my bunch, its usually somewhere between two and eight of us)  The where’s and whys don’t appear to make a difference……its all about the comfort of the companionship.  With your girlfriends, you can say anything, totally be yourself, scratch wherever you itch, fart if you feel like it, and discuss all those “womanly” topics that make the men in our lives so nervous.  There is something very freeing about spending time with people who will love you no matter what.  So I wanna give a shout-out to Vern and Terri for being those people for me today.  You girls sure know how to have a good time!

Recipe for Fun! September 21, 2007

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Why do we blog?  What makes us feel that we are so exciting that people would actually want to spend their valuable time reading the ramblings that pop into our heads?  In my case, a big reason for starting my own blog was the enjoyment I’ve been getting from reading the blogs of my friends (and naturally quite a large number of stranger’s, as well!)  Now I already have a websitethat I blog on from time to time about my bead business, but there are so many other things in life that interest me just as much, so I felt like another format for those type of ramblings might be a good idea.  Besides…..I always feel that I have to censor myself to an extent when blogging for Bead Addicts, because those posts are also representative of my Mom, since she’s my business partner. 

 I’ve always journaled, and this is more or less the same thing……with one HUGE exception……most of what I’ve written in my bound journals was never meant to be shared.  I never really cared what anyone else’s opinions were about those entries.  With a blog, I have the opportunity for a whole web full of people to comment and respond to what an insightful, intelligent person I am!  (Or to tell me that I’m totally full of s**t…..LOL!)  So its like the best form of feedback to tell me if other people are thinking, discussing and wondering about the same things that I am.  In short, I think it will be fun!

So, my loyal readers, the adventure begins…….first stop is that MaiTai recipe I promised.  Being as they are my favorite cocktail, I’ve tried them just about everywhere.  But nowhere are they better than from my own kitchen…..and its a much safer place to drink, too!  So without further ado…….*drumroll*……..


2c pulp free orange juice

2c pineapple juice

2c dark rum

2c amaretto

Grenadine to color

Mix first four ingredients above in a pitcher and stir well.  Add a liberal splash of grenadine to turn it a pretty shade of red.  Pour over ice, garnish with a pretty paper umbrella and your favorite fruit and a sprig of mint.  (Believe me…..after a couple you’ll no longer care if they’re garnished or not!)  Two important caveats: 

1)  You can use the cheapest rum you care to buy for this recipe, but the secret is in the Amaretto.  Use only a high quality (read expensive!) brand of amaretto, and you can’t go wrong!

2)  STIR the remaining mix in the pitcher before you poor a fresh glass.  Otherwise, the amaretto has a tendancy to sink to the bottom, and whoever gets the last drink from the pitcher will get……..well……just stoopid!  (Right, Marte??)    Bwhahahahaa!


Hello from the Queen! September 21, 2007

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Just a quick greeting while I get the cobwebs knocked down and the corners swept out.  Once I tidy up the place a bit, we’ll get down to business and solve all the important questions…….Like what’s the best Maitai recipe out there, and where do you find the best gourmet chocolate on the web?  Hope you’ll come back by for those and other life-changing discussions!