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Hermit Heaven….or was it Hell? April 14, 2008

Posted by angieland in Chatter.

This past weekend was such a treat for me.  My son had plans keeping him away from home all weekend.  My mom, who is usually here in the studio working on Saturday and Sunday, was off visiting my aunt in North Carolina for her birthday.  I made absolutely no plans for the weekend, other than planning to enjoy complete solitude. 

I arrived home from work around 4 p.m. on Friday afternoon, and from then until around 9:30 on Sunday night, the only other living creatures I laid my eyes on were my dog and cat, and Mother’s two kitties that I was babysitting in her absence.  I never fired my torch once the entire weekend.  The only business-related activitiy I did all weekend was shooting and editing some bead photos.  No torching.  No listing.  No packing.  Complete freedom from responsibilities.  Didn’t have to cook unless I was hungry.  Didn’t have to do anything for anyone, actually.  Sounds like bliss doesn’t it?  Or at least you’d think so………

Saturday actually passed in a blur of enjoyment.  I read a book, picked out all sorts of pretty baubles to match some floral beads I’d made and started a treasure bracelet, fixed myself a gourmet omelet and a blueberry bagel.  Watched mindlessly entertaining dvds with absolutely no redeeming social value or intellectual enrichment.  All in all, a perfect day. 

Then Sunday rolled around, and I was determined to pass the day in a perfect repeat of the day that had gone before it.  What I discovered, is that I’m not actually that good at relaxing.  I found that I had to work harder to accomplish nothing than I would have if I’d just gotten off my duff and actually done some real work!  By the end of the day, I was as restless as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.  I was frustrated that my dog had never learned to keep up her end of a conversation.  I was pissed that my kid had traded his day shift that would have had him home by 3:30 for a night shift that would get him here just before bedtime.  Most of all, I was terribly upset that I’d frittered away another day just for the possibility of proving to myself that I could do nothing for that long if I really put my mind to it.  *sigh* 

So today as I greeted yet another Monday (feeling terribly unprepared for it as usual), I did it with the realization that I was right all along…..there really IS such a thing as too much relaxing.  At least for me.  The next time I get a weekend of pure solitude, I’ll approach it with just as much delightful anticipation……and armed with a to-do list for one day that will make the busiest bee look lazy! 



1. joolzbylisa - April 15, 2008

Isn’t it the pits to be incapable of totally relaxing for any length of time while you are at home? I’m gald you tried and were partially successful…2 days was probably overdoing it! 🙂

2. DChase - April 15, 2008

Even I can’t do two days in a row.
The queen of telling you it is time for a break.

3. Angie - April 15, 2008

Bwahahaha!! You know me!! Always the over-achiever! 😀

4. Kaye Husko - April 15, 2008

you need me to come back and visit again, so I can vacation and wear you out??

you gotta go vacation to relax, at keep busy LOL

hmmmmmm at least I think its relaxing…
a form of there of…or whatever…your not doing chores, work or anything normal…just wearing yourself out doing other things LOL

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