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About Me!

Okay…..so this is where I’m supposed to make myself sound really interesting and intriguing so you’ll want to read my blog everyday, right?  Hmmmm…..intriguing isn’t really a word I’d ever use to describe myself.  I’m really much more of an “everywoman”. 

I’m forty-three, single mom to an 18 year old son who’ll soon be flying the nest for diesel college.  I’m a  mild-mannered bookkeeper by day, and wild flame-throwing beadmaker by night.  Like most every other woman I know, I struggle on a daily basis just to try and meet all the obligations and expectations that I’m committed to.  So why on earth would I want to launch a blog and add another chore to my to-do list?  ‘Cause its cheaper than therapy!  Bwahahahahaha!

 So feel free to follow along on my new adventure.  If you see something that peaks your interest, throw a comment my way.  I’m always anxious to know how you think I’m doing!



1. william - October 15, 2007

‘wild flame-throwing beadmaker at night’
What a wonderful image.
Followed by, sadly, the false and portentous claim to heroism of a woman struggling ‘on a daily basis’ etc etc. I think not.
…and yet…’it’s cheaper than therapy’ which is the truth (that’s its cheap and its therapy!!’.
This blog I like and I have no attachment (yet) to beads.

2. ltsexpressions - October 15, 2007

what a wonderful person! luv ya (and mom of course!) Stacy

3. Abhishek - January 25, 2008


Liked reading your post on being single, I am in my mid 20s and still facing the same dilemma. Nice way you put up things in words.

take care.

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