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Songs of Mass Destruction October 4, 2007

Posted by angieland in Chatter, Music, Pop Culture.

I’ve become a product of the snippet age.  I love good music, but rarely purchase “albums” anymore.  With the instant availability of 99 cent songs from itunes, napster, etc., its become too easy to sample songs off new releases and buy only what we like the best.  I’ve fallen into the habit of doing that very thing, partly because I rarely find cds full to the brim of good music these days, and partly because I have so little time for brick-n-mortar shopping that its just easier to have the songs I love delivered directly to my computer.  But yesterday, I treated myself to an impulse buy that really paid off.

I don’t know how many of you are fans of Annie Lennox, but she’s one of my favorites.  Not just a singer, she’s an artist in the truest sense of the word.  Not only does she have the voice of an angel, she also has a “Voice” in her music.  A voice that speaks of our world, and especially the experiences of women.  Mostly women of my generation who have taken some hard knocks, learned some hard lessons, and become better, stronger people because of it.

Her new cd, “Songs of Mass Destruction” is no exception.  Expertly crafted from beginning to end, it had me dancing on a “Dark Road” one moment, celebrating the power of “Womanhood” the next, and fondly remembering stolen moments on a “Coloured Bedspread” the next.  Most impressive of all is the track, “SING”, on which Annie has assembled a monumental female choir of two dozen celebrated singers, ranging from Madonna and Pink to Gladys Knight and Bonnie Raitt.

 Celebrate the weekend by spending $15 on yourself for eleven of the best tunes I’ve heard lately.  Then you’ll want to go back and buy extra copies for your mom, your sister and your best friend so that they can enjoy the magic, too.