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Anticipation…… April 19, 2008

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Is it really the best part??  Sometimes I think so.  I’m never happier than when I’m planning something.  Doesn’t really matter if its a simple movie date, or a full-blown vacation, I’m just thrilled to pieces anytime there are plans to be made, and something to look forward to.

Consequently, I’m a really, REALLY happy girl right now.  One of my best bead-buds, Deanna Chase is coming for a playdate weekend in just two short weeks, and she’ll be here at the perfect time to meet the rest of the Smoky Mtn. Firecrackers at our next meeting!

Three weeks after Deanna’s visit, my son will be graduating from high school, and we all know there are tons of festivities and activities to plan for around that time.  In celebration of finishing school, B.W, and I will be meeting my best friend Marte and her son Adam in New Orleans for an eight days of fun during the week of July Fourth!  We plan to tour some of the galleries and museums, do the haunted walking tours of the historic cemetaries, maybe gamble a bit at the new Harrah’s casino, take a riverboat cruise, see the Audobon Zoo and the Aquarium of the Americas, and of course, eat entirely too much fresh seafood!  Living in land-locked areas that are pretty much the capitals of beef consumption, Marte and the boys and I will be taking full advantage of all the fresh catches that the gulf will provide.  😀  And we’ll cap our week off with the Dueling Barges Fireworks show from the bank of the grand Mississippi River.

After spending all that “quality time” together on vacation, B.W. and I will have to come home and start packing up his room, because the first of August will find him moving to Nashville and getting ready to begin his classes at Nashville Auto Diesel College.  I think he’s finally beginning to get a little excited at the thought of stepping out on his own, moving to the city and taking the first steps to a career for which he’s already shown great aptitude.

And if that weren’t enough excitement to make for a fabulous summer, I just found out this week that I made it into GlassStock again this year!  My friend Carol Crye and I both made the draw, so we’re gonna plan a couple extra days after our classes, and spend some time with our friend Kaye Husko torching and playing with what we learned, as well as doing some exploring on the beautiful Oregon Coast.

And with a jam-packed schedule like that, I suppose I should quit planning the activities and go make some beads so I can plan how to pay for them!  😀  Look for a ton of new stuff coming up on Etsy this week. 


Habits, Old and New October 1, 2007

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Geeze….am I a bad blogger or what?  Three days, and no “new” news?  Life just kinda jumped up and smacked me in the face this weekend.  That or the “daily blog” just hasn’t become a habit yet.  For those of you waiting patiently to find out how the night out on the town went….yes, I did break down and smoke about a half dozen cigarettes!  But, I’m happy to report that my patch went back on Saturday morning, and I haven’t craved one since.  And Friday night, it wasn’t really about the physical craving….that was plenty manageable.  It was more about being out with the girls, getting the giggles, listening to bad karaoke, and doing what everyone else was doing.  Yeah, I know….not a good reason, so I guess that old bad habit isn’t completely broken yet.  But I swear, if I thought I could ever be a successful “social” smoker, I wouldn’t even worry about quitting.  Fortunately, I’m smart enough to know that’ll probably never be an option for me, so I’m back on the patch wagon for the duration.

 Saturday was spent in Nashville.  B.W. had to go to Nashville Auto Diesel College for his entrance exam and the first round of scholarship testing.  We met his soon-to-be roommate, Bryant, and his mom and dad down there, and after the boys were finished with their tests, we all went out to look at apartments.  Its next to impossible for me to believe that my baby boy is gonna be living in the big city in an apartment next fall!  But we’ve found a complex that we all like, so keep your fingers crossed that when the time comes, a 2 bedroom wll be available!  LOL!

So let’s talk movies for a minute.  I actually took a few hours yesterday to work on some fiber projects, and watched a couple of movies I received from Blockbuster this week.  The first half of my double feature was “The Astronaut Farmer”, and I was really amazed at how wonderful it was.  The whole idea that we as a society are losing sight of what it means to work for and make our dreams happen really hit home.  I can remember the same thing Charlie Farmer did as a kid…..being told and actually believing that I could be and do anything I wanted.  At what point do we stop believing that?  I remember being in seventh grade, and genuinely believing that I would someday be a Senator, or possibly even the first woman president.  I’m not sure when that dream fell by the wayside, (and you couldn’t pay me enough to do the job these days!), but I do remember at some point in high school, feeling like I needed to make a “realistic” plan for my future.  There are times I wonder where I might be now if I’d been a little less realistic and more daring, and the movie was a reminder of how important it is for me to never make B.W. feel like his options are limited.

 The second feature was “Disturbia”.  Now I’ve always liked creepy movies, but this was one of the better ones I’ve seen lately!  There’s nothing quite like that feeling of being scared…..your heart beats fast, your blood is rushing through your veins, and all of your senses seem to be heightened.  Its a feeling I’ve always liked.  But couple that with a film that’s actually smart, and I’m really hooked.  I won’t spoil the drama for those of you that want to give it a try, but lets just say that it makes you think twice about how well you REALLY know your neighbors!

So after being away from my torch all weekend, I’ve been playing catch-up tonight.  I got a sizeable order last week (Thanks, Marcia!) and it included several sets of Christmas beads.  Well needless to say, I was a complete dork and made a couple of sets in the wrong style, so I had to come home today and actually make the ones my client wanted!  But I figure the season is just around the corner, so I’m just getting a little ahead of the normal schedule.  Here’s a pic of one of the sets that will be coming up for auction soon……

Making all these holiday beads over the last week has also made me realize just how behind schedule I am on my preparations.  I used to be one of those people that had my shopping done by October, and everything was wrapped and ready to go under the tree the day after Thanksgiving.  Where did that gal go??  I started strong…..I bought three gifts in January!  But since then?  Nada!  I know how disappointing that is to those of you who expect me to have it all done.  Unfortunately, ya’ll seem to be rubbing off on me instead of the other way around.  Guess I’ll see you in line at midnight on Christmas Eve this year, huh??

The Almost Empty Nest September 23, 2007

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I’ve finally figured it out……the reason that teenagers are always so busy.  Its to prepare us parents for the dreaded empty nest.  My son will be 18 in a couple of weeks, and while he’s still got to finish up his senior year in high school before he moves on to college, most days I feel like he’s already gone.

Case in point…..today is Sunday, which used to be our family day.  We’d do all sorts of things together on Sunday’s when he was younger.  The pool, cub scout activities, an afternoon at the movies, or sometimes just a day playing board games or working jigsaw puzzles.  Today, his day consisted of an eight hour shift at his job, then practice with his rock band, and now he’ll be texting or talking to his girlfriend until way past my bedtime.  It’s happened……I’m not needed anymore.

Now I always thought I’d be relieved when this day finally came.  I longed for the day when my time was my own again.  When I could spend a leisurely Sunday curled up with a good book and the Sunday paper crossword puzzle.  But now that it’s coming to fruition, I’m beginning to understand the old adage of “Be careful what you wish for”, because now I find myself longing for just one Sunday when he’s free to spend the entire day with me.  Somehow seeing him passing through to change clothes between his other stops just isn’t as satisfying as hearing him tell me, “Go directly to jail.  Do not pass go, do not collect $200.” 

Its not like I don’t have plenty of things to fill my Sundays with……I just never expected a quiet Sunday to be THIS quiet.