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Recipe for Fun! September 21, 2007

Posted by angieland in Chatter, Recipes.
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Why do we blog?  What makes us feel that we are so exciting that people would actually want to spend their valuable time reading the ramblings that pop into our heads?  In my case, a big reason for starting my own blog was the enjoyment I’ve been getting from reading the blogs of my friends (and naturally quite a large number of stranger’s, as well!)  Now I already have a websitethat I blog on from time to time about my bead business, but there are so many other things in life that interest me just as much, so I felt like another format for those type of ramblings might be a good idea.  Besides…..I always feel that I have to censor myself to an extent when blogging for Bead Addicts, because those posts are also representative of my Mom, since she’s my business partner. 

 I’ve always journaled, and this is more or less the same thing……with one HUGE exception……most of what I’ve written in my bound journals was never meant to be shared.  I never really cared what anyone else’s opinions were about those entries.  With a blog, I have the opportunity for a whole web full of people to comment and respond to what an insightful, intelligent person I am!  (Or to tell me that I’m totally full of s**t…..LOL!)  So its like the best form of feedback to tell me if other people are thinking, discussing and wondering about the same things that I am.  In short, I think it will be fun!

So, my loyal readers, the adventure begins…….first stop is that MaiTai recipe I promised.  Being as they are my favorite cocktail, I’ve tried them just about everywhere.  But nowhere are they better than from my own kitchen…..and its a much safer place to drink, too!  So without further ado…….*drumroll*……..


2c pulp free orange juice

2c pineapple juice

2c dark rum

2c amaretto

Grenadine to color

Mix first four ingredients above in a pitcher and stir well.  Add a liberal splash of grenadine to turn it a pretty shade of red.  Pour over ice, garnish with a pretty paper umbrella and your favorite fruit and a sprig of mint.  (Believe me…..after a couple you’ll no longer care if they’re garnished or not!)  Two important caveats: 

1)  You can use the cheapest rum you care to buy for this recipe, but the secret is in the Amaretto.  Use only a high quality (read expensive!) brand of amaretto, and you can’t go wrong!

2)  STIR the remaining mix in the pitcher before you poor a fresh glass.  Otherwise, the amaretto has a tendancy to sink to the bottom, and whoever gets the last drink from the pitcher will get……..well……just stoopid!  (Right, Marte??)    Bwhahahahaa!